Thursday, May 5, 2016

Kitty Drawstring Bag

 It's been a whirlwind of activity around here with the end of the school year in sight.  I did manage to find some time to make a drawstring project bag for my aunt as a gift for Mother's Day.  She really does a lot for our family, taking care of my grandmother and she deserves a special gift.  She loves to knit and goes to a class each Monday.  This bag will be a great carry-all for all of her knitting needs.

I had originally made my Tell Me a Story kitty quilt block for the #blackandwhitequiltswap, but changed my mind because the splash of color was a little too much. 

The back of the bag.
 I used  Jeni Baker's drawstring bag tutorial to make the bag.  I use this tutorial with my students as their first project so they have a place to keep all of their sewing stuff.  For the time being I am displaced in a trailer.  The school is being renovated and I have very little storage space and the bags are quite handy. This semester we put the bags in the display case outside of the principal's office.  I had so many compliments on the bags from other teachers and students.  I feel so blessed to be able to share sewing with my students.  Some of them have even gone out and bought their own sewing machines since taking my class!  I even ran into some of them at the Quilt Guild's annual show.  Bonus points!!

For the bottom of the bag, I chose to use some black vinyl to give the bag a little more durability.  If my aunt wants to keep the yarn in the bag as she knits, it will stand up a bit easier.  I love how the bag turned out!