Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guess who learned the JOY of paper piecing!

That would be me!!  Oh how fun!  
So I had already gotten a babysitter for last evening because I was going to go run.  Great intentions, right?  That is until I walked a block in the snow and wind the night before and wondered what in the world I was thinking.  There is no way I can run outside until spring arrives!

I hated to disappoint my sitter, so I got online to see what kind of class I could take.  Just my awesome luck!  A paper piecing greeting card class for just $10!!  It was FABULOUS!!!!  I've already signed up for the next class in March.  That one will be a Christmas tree card.  

I finished one card completely and made the block for the second one.  All I have to do is tape and glue it together and it will be ready to make a special friend's day!

A finished card!

The back...

The front...

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Bobbi said...

wow, that is SOOO cute!!!