Monday, March 8, 2010

Springtime and MAIL!

I can tell that spring is in the air... the bagpipe lady next door has brought the pipes back outside for her neighborhood serenade.  The neighborhood sounds like a funeral, but I am enjoying the bright sunshine and the warmer weather.

Anyway, I got some outstanding mail today!  First, I got my Granny quilt.  To see more from her, click on the Granny button on the sidebar.  She and her family are truly amazing!  Definitely check her out!  Here is the quilt that this wonderful 96 year old lady made.

My six year old loves it because it has a square of race car fabric in it.

My second package came from the Downy Touch of Comfort  campaign.  I have everything I need to make a quilt for a child who has been hospitalized.  My own son spent quite a bit of time in the hospital during his first few years, so I know how important it is to make the kids feel at home until they are better.  Hopefully the quilt that I make will put a smile on a young face.  I was kind of hoping to get a kit for a girl, but I guess I am destined only to sew for boys.  Everything comes all cut and ready to sew.

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Bobbi said...

yeah a granny quilt!!!!! its CUTE! i love that quilt for kids idea too! what a great thing to do for a child.