Monday, May 3, 2010

clothes pins and some fabric

So, rumor has it that my pastor from my hometown church was in need of a clothes pin bag...not anymore.  I whipped this baby out last night.  I hope he will like it.  I tried to make it somewhat manly.  Now I wish that I had a clothes line so I could use one!  I love the smell of laundry fresh from the line! 
If anyone is interested, I can probably come up with a tutorial, but I think just by looking at it you can tell how to do it.  It's easy.

Here are some of my recent purchases.  This stash shows that I am a "boy mom" with some fishermen at home.

And this is the stash that says "still hoping to be a girl mom"!

Isn't it cute??


Maria said...

Great peg bag I am sure your pastor will love it.
The fish fabric is great also love your girly stash!!

Unknown said...

I love the clothespin hanger.....pretty clever...I love hanging laundry out...I just hate putting it away, but I do it cause I have to.....I guess.....

Amy Friend said...

That's funny...I have patterns that I bought, and buttons, and fabric, back in highschool hoping to be a girl mom someday.