Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back from a long blogging respite

Apologies to my blog readers and to the bloggers whose blogs I enjoy!  I had to step away for a bit as life got out of my control.  Too much to do and not enough time!  Hopefully things are under control now and I'll have some time to post and to read my favorite blogs.  I have missed posting quite a few things, so there is lots to catch up on.

 Anyway, I have my potholders for Potholder Pass 4 to share.  I really like these.  I think I got this block pattern from Anna Marie Horner's blog.  It is a lovely argyle block.  I can see myself making more of these blocks for some other projects.  I think they turned out well, although I wish I would have finished them with a binding instead of simply turning them. 

And as you can see from the top picture, I 've been knitting, too.  It's been awhile, but I'm glad I picked up my needles again!  Knitting has been theraputic the past few weeks.  It also travels well to soccer and karate practices.  I knitted a hat for my dad, who recently had brain surgery, but I forgot to take a picture before I gave it to him.  I am making a similar hat right now for a friend who is undergoing chemo for breast cancer, so I'll be sure to take a photo of that one instead.

And on my other set of needles is a little blue hat for my baby on the way!  It will definitely be useful in January when he is supposed to arrive!


Maria said...

Fistly congratulaions on the new baby. How gorgeous.
Hope Dad id doing well and your friend also who is having chemo.
Life is tuff sometimes but then there is joy too.
Love your pot holders.
Take care.

Unknown said...

Wow! A baby! Is there anything better? Congratulations and I am glad you are back...it can be hard to keep a blog.......
Love the potholders...I tried to get in the round four, but I was too late!

Synnove said...

A baby!!!! Congratulations! How exciting... I missed your blogging, but I can see why there has been no new posts, you see, I'm expecting too! And my posting has been really bad lately... I feel like time runs on double speed these days:-)
And you are having a boy, how nice:-) Me too, expected in the middle of february:-))) Got to get knitting, it will be cold outside!
Oh, Your potholders looks great, I love the colors/fabrics you used for them.
Hope your dad is ok and I give him my best wishes:-)

Karin said...

How exciting a baby - congratulations!

I wish all the best for your Dad and for your friend!

The potholders turned out great

Amy Friend said...

Nice potholders but most importantly wooo hooo for the little blue baby hat! I am still so excited for you. I hope your Dad is recovering well.