Saturday, January 22, 2011

FNSI- not so productive

Another FNSI, thanks to Bobbi and Heidi!! Unfortunately, I wasn't as productive as I had planned.  If only I could grow four or five new hands or hire an au pair!  My children all had other plans for my evening, but I did manage to get my Potholder Pass 6 potholders quilted and the bindings partially prepared to put on.  I like how these potholders are turning out.  I hope that my secret partner will enjoy them.  I'm very excited that my shipping deadline is over a month away and I am almost finished.  That doesn't usually happen when I'm working.  I'm loving my time off!

These were my first ever pinwheels.  I have always stayed away from pinwheels because I was afraid of the points not meeting in the middle.  Thanks to a post from Pam's blog, I found out about a super simple way to make pinwheels using a tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company on youtube.  They have a ton of really useful tutorials!  Be sure to check them out!

And if you are looking for my Blogiversary Giveaway just click here.  It is open until Monday AM.


Heidi said...

I think that is mighty productive for a Mom with a newborn in the house!

Bobbi said...

DITTO HEIDI! just picking up any craft with a baby and 2 other kids is impressive. thanks for the missouri links....and keeping me company last night :)

Amy Friend said...

I agree! You did great!