Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wonderful Week of Sewing Part 2

Here is bag number three from my sewing spree.  I'm not sure what all of the fabrics are.  I am trying hard to clean up some of my fat quarters and scraps. 
Once again, I like the flower!

I also made two of these cute little owl pillows. 
 I have to thank Sarah for some of this fabric.  She sent it along with my amazing owl pillow that she made for me for Project Pillow Swap.  It had just the right colors to match my Debbie Mumm coffee bean fabric.

Hope you are all having a great Sunday!


Bev C said...

Hello Jamie,
Congratulations on your win at FNSI,love the owl cushion. Happy days.

Jen said...

I am loving the owl stuff!!! I may have to commission you for something for Lily's first birthday :)

Unknown said...

the bag is wonderful and I love the flower too...they just add to the colors!
Love your owl pillow is pretty darn cute....Isnt it great to get on a sewing roll? sometimes it is so hard to get going or to find the time...Happy summer