Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cute Christmas Ornament

I thought I'd share this cute little skier ornament with you.  I can't take the credit for crafting it.  One of my former students made it for me a few years ago in her home ec class.  It has been one of my favorites ever since.  My son has a severe walnut allergy, so we were very cautious after we found out.  He can't even touch the shells of some nuts because of the oils, but this one must be old enough that it hasn't affected him.

To make one of your very own you need an acorn, a walnut, some fleece scraps, one craft stick cut in half, two tooth picks for the ski poles and a hot glue gun.  Although I haven't made one yet, it looks pretty easy to put together.  It would be a great craft to make with kids, unless of course they are allergic to the walnut. 
Next year I'll have to gather some acorns and try to make a few.  I just love the acorn head!  It is so cute with it's little cap.

And on a happy note, it was another snow day today!  I can't remember the last time we have had two in a row.  It is STILL snowing.  My poor lab, Toby had to lift up his chin to walk through the snow this morning before we cleared some paths for him.  (When I say we, I mean the boys.  This prego mama isn't handling any snow until after the baby is born!)  I did do some Christmas sewing today, but I can't show it until after the recipients open it. 

Stay warm everyone! 


Karin said...

This little Ornament is too cute..... I think this little guy is french.... why??? I think because of its cap it makes him kinda look french ;-)

Snow days just sounds great..... too bad we dont have them here in Germany.

Have a great day!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Jamie..thanks for calling in!!! That is a cute little skier...hope it's not too cool for you with all that snow...It's hot here!!! Dzintra♥x