Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Sewing

A snowy Sunday in spring...  Lesson plans were done for the coming week and then I took some time to do a little stitching. 

I stitched out this awesome embroidery a while back.  I love the message!  It is an Urban Threads design.  I LOVE their embroidery designs!!  There are so many cool designs to choose from! 

This particular design reminds me a little of my students.  Back when I taught German I had mostly male students.  Now I have a lot more female students with my new job in FCS.  After listening to some of the things my girls deal with, I hope they can take that message to heart and realize that they need to be happy from within before someone else can contribute to their happiness. 

Originally I had planned to make a zipper pouch out of it.  I looked at it today and thought I would make a drawstring bag with the pink fabric around the top and for the lining, but sadly I realized I didn't have enough denim to do that. So, I came up with a bucket tote instead.  

I had my heart set on using a bright yellow zipper to make a pocket on the outside of the drawstring bag, but since that just wasn't to be I still used the yellow zipper as the handles of the tote.  I really love how it turned out.  Not too bad for not having a pattern. I put a layer of fusible fleece behind the denim to help it keep it's shape. 

 I love how my yarn fits in it nicely.  It'll be a great little project basket.  Maybe I should set it on my desk at school for a little while.