Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sew In and a birthday...

WOW!  What a day!  Today is the first day of trout season here in PA, so the day started quite early.  All of the boys headed out in the snow (yes, I said snow) to see if they could catch "The Big One".  No such luck today, but it gave me time to clean up and get ready for our out of town family to arrive, a.k.a, my mom and dad, grandma and aunt for B's birthday celebration.  What a fun, fun day!  I wish they could all be like today!
Here is B's awesome fishing cake.  He loved it!

Even the party dog had fun!
Ok, I lied, he ripped the hat off right after I took the pic!

So, throw in a nasty cold and J's soccer match on top of our celebration and I hope you understand why I didn't email the Project Pillow Swap info today.  I have everyone matched up, and I promise to email first thing in the morning!  I'm too tired right now and I would hate to mess something up.

Friday Night Sew In was a success.  My project is almost complete, but not quite.  I don't want to show it all just yet, so here is a sneak peek...

I can't wait to finish... it's actually for me!
Thanks to Bobbi and Heidi for hosting the Sew In.  

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Cheryl said...

What a fun packed day and sewing too. That sneak peek is wonderful!! Great fishing birthday cake.