Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tu parles francais?

What a splendid weekend!  The kids and super hubby and I packed our bags and hit the road!  We visited friends in Quebec; Gatineau and Montreal to be exact.  It was a great reminder that I should study French more before we go back!  It is true that if you don't use it, you lose it!

I have only one complaint about traveling to Cananda...

Why are we separated by so much water?  I am a big wimp when it comes to big bridges, especially the ones that are built so high up!  My family is well aware of this crazy fear and my 6 year old, J asked me if I needed to throw up when we were in the middle of the first large bridge.  He's so kind! 


Here is a pic of my little darling, J.  I think he is a blogger in the making!  He actually takes really good photos and he's a pretty good writer.  He was taking pictures in Ottawa on a little trip across the river into Ontario.

This is a photo of Gatineau at dusk.  It is a beautiful city.  I guess I would describe it as being quaint. 

And what journey would be complete without FABRIC??

This is some beautiful African fabric that one of my husband's friends (and my new friend) gave to me.  Thanks so much Raffa!  I love it so much!  There is a lot of it and I keep imagining different things to do with it.  So many possibilities!

Perhaps some of it will find it's way into the pillow I make for Project Pillow Swap.  If you haven't signed up to be part of this fantastic swap yet, there is still time!  Just click here for details.


Heidi said...

I love Canada! We used to travel there quite a bit when I was a kid. We were only a few hours from the border and there wasn't any water to cross.

Love the pictures!

Unknown said...

What a great trip! I used to have that same fear of bridges too. Love your African fabrics. I just did an entire post about African fabrics today! Some great books for ideas on using it are posted and a link to a free pattern. Come and check it out! I have a whole drawer full of African fabrics and love, love, love them!

Bobbi said...

those fabs are really cool! what a great trip. bridge...i hear ya. they are building a VERY tall bridge over our dam, and its my way to arizona. ill have to throw up probably before and after i challenge it. glad you had fun! cant wait to start the pillow making!