Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lucky me!

Wow!  I was the lucky winner of an apron from Kari at Craft Happy during the May Giveaway Day at SMS.  Unfortunately, the apron that Kari made for me the first time was lost in the mail and I received an empty torn open envelope that had been taped shut with a lovely letter inside.  Kari was so generous and made me a new apron that is equally as awesome as the one she made before.  Thank you so much Kari!  I love it!  It matches my kitchen perfectly!

Now if I could just win a Go Baby! :)


Irina said...

it's lovely!
that is so annoying with post! I sent some handmade crafts to one reader and they also got lost...
(hope you're lucky with the Go Baby... I'd love to win one too)

Karin said...

Lucky you - congratulation! Great apron and it was really generous to mail you out a replacement. That really annoying with the mail - I was really worried about, when I´ve mailed out one of my quilts - luckily it has arrived.

Kari said...

That looks great on you! I'm soooo glad this one made it.