Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well, I thought I 'd better post something before you all give up on me.  I wish I had some new project pictures to post, but I haven't finished anything that I've started.  I have a couple of things in the works, so hopefully there will be new pics soon.

Yesterday I went to the local Goodwill store.  I've been there many times, but with the wrong attitude.  Carin, if you are reading this, I hope you are smiling!  I came home with a huge garbage bag full of finds!  I was there for what seemed like hours.  Once I found a few cool things, I couldn't stop.  And with the blue tags at just 29 cents who can blame me. I even found a suit at that price.  Some things were new with tags! I may have found my new favorite store.  But never with the kids there!  That would be torture for us all!

Anyway, I got this great gray and pink wool skirt.  The size tag had been removed and of course I had to take a chance at it fitting for just 29 cents.  It looked brand new!  Unfortunately it was a smidge too small, but I was actually happy about that.  I have since ripped it apart and will be making a bag in the near future, as soon as I can get some interfacing.  I'll post the process as soon as it is complete.

I hope everyone is staying warm!  Have a big cup of hot chocolate and relax!

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The Home Ec Teachers Daugter said...

Good luck on the Blog! it looks like your going to have some fun this year!