Monday, January 4, 2010

Snow day to the rescue!

After much anticipation on the part of my boys, we avoided one Monday of school due to a SNOW DAY!  I love hearing the excitement in their voices when I tell them that news!  Honestly, I was a bit relieved that I didn't have to go back to school yet after the wonderful holiday.  It will be easier to go back to a four day week instead of a five day week.
So, what did we do with our snow day?

The Challenge...

to create something using these left-over fabric scraps.

I was all set to make some flower pins or magnets until my 6 year old genius designer appeared at the table and started cutting.  When he was done his scrap looked like an elephant.  So instead of flowers we made a really awesome pillow from his design.  I love it when we can make things together!  Although I think I promised him that he could learn how to use the sewing machine next time...I'm not really sure that I am up to that.  Oh well, I best keep my promise though.  Anyway, one needle eye through my thumb later (OUCH!), here is the finished project!

Another project...
My totally cool dad retired from his job today after serving the same company for 42 years!  That is truly an accomplishment.  We are all very proud of him.
I made him an apron today.  He said that he will be doing all of the cooking now that he won't be going to work everyday.  Mom will be happy about that.  Anyway, since he loves coffee, I made the accents from a coffee print fabric (the same fabric that I made my kitchen curtains from and the same fabric that I put as my background on my bulletin board at school). The rest was made from a nice heavy denim.  For some crazy reason I had 7 yards of this 60 inch wide denim and ended up washing, drying and ironing it last night.  That was a job!  But now I'll be able to create some cool things with it.  I see a bag in the near future.
Happy cooking, Dad!

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