Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blankie for a New Baby

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Every cute, new baby needs a cute, handmade blankie!  This one is for a friend's new little girl.  She's joining her two big brothers, and I'm sure they aren't spoiling her. (yeah right!!)  Her mommy is not so fond of pink, so I chose lime green and purple as my main colors.  I haven't given it to her yet, so I hope that she will like it.  I love all of the smiling bugs in the center!

The center block is made from really soft flannel.  I blanket stitched the block to the fleece.  A very simple project, but also quite cute.  I like the way that it turned out.  I had planned to tie the fringe around the outside, but I decided that it would have made the middle too small.  Instead, I sewed in about 2 3/4 inches in all the way around the blanket and simply cut the fringe.  This will make a great stroller blanket or a great place to play on the floor.  The back is solid purple.

In other news I took the day off today to go on my second grader's fieldtrip to the zoo!  I went from one zoo to another!  :)  We had a great time, although I always feel so sorry for the bored and annoyed looking animals.

This was the first time that the rhino was ever standing up when I have visited.  He definitely didn't disappoint as he went potty in front of us.  The boys thought that was totally cool.  Gross!!

Here's hoping that your evening is not a "zoo"! 


Edamommy2 said...

That's a sweet blankie! ^_^

Interestingly enough - I'm a "school parent" for *my* seven year old's zoo fieldtrip tomorrow!

Maria said...

I am sure your friend will adore the blankie. It looks soft and cuddley.

LOL, I can relate to boys liking the Rhino doing poop in front of them.My 8yr old GS would laugh at that too.

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful blanket, very creative and different and the fabric is so fun.