Monday, May 30, 2011

Poppyprint made me do it!

A few posts back over at Poppyprint, Krista made a sweet, little "wee loopy blankie" for her new nephew.  This project has been on my list of things to make since before Baby M was born, but it kept getting shoved to the bottom of the list.  I saw her post and I had an extra block from this post, so there was no time like the present!  Thank you, Krista!  Baby M loves his new little blankie!

The top is pieced flannel.  It is so soft!  The back is the super-soft fleece that I used for the afore mentioned blankie. For some reason, I didn't have much ribbon or trim lying around, so I also used various fabric scraps to make some of the tags.  Baby M really likes to look at it. He inspects it quite thoroughly.  It must be the bright colors.

Baby M also had his first buzz cut.  It was sad to see his beautiful long hair being shaved off, but it was time.  It kept falling out and getting in his mouth.  I think we are all much happier now.  And he is still just as cute!


Maria said...

Baby M is growing so quickly. I can see why he loves his cute wee blankie.

Anonymous said...

You've been a busy bee! Cute blankies.-Karen (your SIL that is too lazy to sign up or sign in)

Poppyprint said...

You are so welcome for the little 'push' to make this. It's certainly not an original idea from me - these sweet blankies are all over the place. My nephew loves his, too. I'll definitely keep this as my go-to quickie baby gift.