Thursday, May 26, 2011

SMS Winner

Thank you to all who played along and entered my giveaway! 
Congratulations to commentor # 28! chose your number!  If anyone knows the trick to copying the little box with the results, I'd love to know!  I can't get it right.  Anyway, comment number 28 and the Attitude Girls charm pack belong to kbzelazny!  I will send you an email so that I can get your address.  Happy sewing!


Quilt Genius said...

I take a screen shot of mine and paste it into MS Paint. Then I just crop it to the part I want and insert it like a picture. :)


Irina said...

congratulations to the winner!!!
could you do the same if you are using a Macbook??? I don't have "Paint"...
I directly take a photo of my laptop screen with my camera!LOL

Maria said...

Congratulations on your win. Enjoy.